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Yoga is Meditation and Meditation is Yoga - Sundays 7:45 am


Dear All, 

Socrates supposedly said, “I know one thing, I know nothing.” 

I am taking that to heart as the years fly by.

All the great lessons from our practice can be summed up  in one word -  “impermanence”. 

Changing, changing, rearranging, contracting, expanding....breath in and breath out.

The practice I started over 50 years ago has really not changed, but it has changed me. 


Anne Lamont says, “All truth is paradox”.  What our mindful yoga practice gifts us with is the ability to breath, relax, feel, notice and accept. 

Easier said than done, but, that’s okay because practice does not make perfect. 


Yoga is meditation and meditation is yoga.

You can be mindful when you chop veggies. You can do the perfect downward dog without being mindful. 

What is meditation

I think I know what it is is not becoming empty-minded.

It is about breathing, relaxing, feeling, thinking andnoticing all that and then accepting what is


So... if you aren’t into exploring mindful body work, which is yoga, than come to Sunday’s Just Meditation and explore your mind. ☯️

It’s at 7:45 am and it is by donation. (Suggested donation $5) 

Sit, stand, lie down, walk around and come when you can and leave when you need to.

We generally wrap it up after about 45 minutes.

There is no good meditation, nor is there ever a bad meditation. 


I hope everyone is surviving the heat wave and enjoying the summer as we come into August.

This I do that if you live in your heart you are always at home. 

Honoring the light inside all of you. 


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