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PLEASE NOTE:  3/4/2024 - Due to the sudden passing of Director Barbara P. Ward, the YogaConnection is currently closed.  For our students, we will post news and updates as they evolve.  Namaste.  Peace to you all.


UPDATE 3/15/2024 - We are glad to be able to let you know that some of Barbara's classes will be continued by our teachers.  Please check the schedule to see what is currently confirmed.  More to be added shortly!


UPDATE 3/18/2024 - Penny will be teaching Monday nights at 7pm at Mother Crewe, 11 Memorial Drive, Plymouth.  Tina is teaching 10am Wednesdays at the Center for Active Living.  Diana is continuing Barbara's 10am Wednesdays class at the Pembroke Library.  Still waiting to hear about the Plymouth Public Library morning class.


UPDATE 3/19/2024 - Many of you will remember Carol Cooney, who taught at the YogaConnection for years.  Her classes at the Plymouth Center for Active Living have just been added to the schedule here.  Please know anyone can attend CAL classes, although you do need to register as a CAL member (there's no age requirement, and it's free!).  Classes are very modestly priced, only $5 or $6 dollars, depending on the teacher.  Plenty of easy parking as well.   An evening class with Eileen is currently in the talking stages.
Stay tuned!

UPDATE 3/21/2024 - Plymouth Public Library has confirmed it will continue the morning yoga class Barbara taught.  Tina and Diana will share this class.  Will put it on the schedule when day and time is finalized (likely the same 8:30am Thursday, but I don't know that for certain yet).

UPDATE 4/2/2024 - It's official!  Eileen will teach an evening class at the Center for Active Living Tuesdays from 5:30 - 6:45pm, beginning April 16th.  First class free!  Still no final news about day and time for Tina & Diana's class at the Plymouth Public Library, but we should know soon.

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