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The Present Moment

News letter from a prisoner in paradise...


I read all the news, listen to the podcasts and the breaking news, but it’s only a small part of my daily life. 

It is the ocean, the sky, the shells, the flowers and Snowy plovers, the dolphins, the sea turtles, the phone calls with friends and family... that is what nurtures and touches me. 

I’m never really alone or lonely because I’m am here, the unadorned, unabashed me...the me that I judge harshly, the me that angers and disappoints me, the paradoxical nature nature of my ego..the fragility of my “me-ness” and I’m still okay!

There is talk that we are in a heightened liminal space...the space between where we were and where we might be, betwixt and between. 

In this, like most of us, I feel disoriented and impatient.

So, I stop, plant my feet and ground myself, hands to my heart and repeat "present moment, wonderful moment".

My being fills with the elixir of prana and it nurtures and reassures me and then I open my heart and send it out all beings everywhere. 

We are all just

With a huge sense of global empathy, let us all reach out and "touch" each other.



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