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YogaConnection Studio closed until April 15th.

Dear Friends, I have been conflicted about closure but the time is come to say we are closing.  It’s in the national interest that I’m following this protocol.  The work-out gyms are finally shutting down. And now, it’s our time. I know all of you are using great caution in your day-to-day existence. I was hoping we could have the studio as a sanctuary for our like-minded community.  You still have your Practice, you just will not have the studio for a few weeks.  For some of you who have a home practice, this is okay. For those of you who don’t, please start now.  Yoga off the mat is the greatest gift to yourself and those you care about. Start with some simple bed yoga and realize you can do all your stretches and poses without leaving your bedroom.  End up sitting on the edge of your bed and doing your pranayama (breathing practice), slip into a forward bend and then make it your down dog and then plank.  Go brush your teeth and warm up your legs by doing heel rises. Look deeply in to your own eyes in the mirror and offer yourself some loving kindness, compassion, patience and forgiveness.  Shoulder shrugs and arm swings where you pat yourself on the back for doing a good job.  March in place, twist and turn and then Ground yourself to start another day doing the right thing for yourself and others.  Give people space, avoid crowds, don’t hoard anything but give all you got to those who, at this point in time, are facing challenges that most of us are lucky not to have.  Some in this country have been preaching “otherness” as a good thing. It is not. We are all in this together no matter our politics, religion, skin color or sexual orientation.  We are yogis and we can continue to spread kindness and light to one and all. Thanking you for your understanding during these historic times. Let’s all do the right thing...take good care of ourselves and be strong for others. If we all keep our light shining we will eventually drive out the darkness. Namaste Barbara

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