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To All My Kind YogaConnection Friends...

Dear Kind Caring YogaConnection friends,

It has been way too long since I have communicated with all of you. Life for all of us has been so very, very challenging and life changing. There is not a one of us probably who hasn’t had their share of pain, suffering, depression, anger, sadness and moments of abject fear. I am writing this after my own period of darkness and despair, so I can relate to yours. Time has no meaning any more, not knowing what tomorrow will will bring wakes all of us every morning.

I believe we need a way to come back together in our sangha (our community of like minded people). Sadly, the studio can only safely socially distance with a teacher and four students. Myself and a few other teachers are wanting so much to bring the light back for themselves and you! For now, I plan to create space for a 9 -10 class every morning, and a late afternoon class time every day. If you feel safe and want to gather three more friends for a class, you need to call me at 508.269.5780 and either I will do the class or one of the other teachers. Class fee is a donation.

Classes will be for one hour. You must bring your own mat and props, and come in wearing a mask.

Now more than ever, with probably the most important election we will have in our lifetime, we need to be grounded and strong in our bodies, our minds and definitely in our spirits. Yoga will bring us back....please come not for the exercise but for the clarity and purpose of spreading loving kindness, compassion and peace. Here is my cell phone, please feel to call me....also happy to arrange private classes too: 508.269.5780

Again, there aren’t enough ways to say “thank you” for all the supportive wishes you have sent my way.

Love is a great healer.


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