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Sunrise In A Blue Mind Mood

Hello Everyone,

I have been silently living in a Blue Mind state which has nothing to do with politics. 

In fact, that would put me in a Red Mind...again, not politically. 

Blue Mind Blue and Red Mind are part of a new wave of study called "neuroconservation" according to the writer of Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols. Some call him the protector of the seas

This emerging field of inquiry reminds us that both ourselves and the planet are mostly water. The elements of water can create a meditative state of mind “characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment.

“Water makes a neurological and ancient connection for our brains. We have a natural predisposition “to be soothed by water." 

The oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the streams, our bathtub or shower. 

Our current environment is now saturating our minds with exhaustion, edginess “stress, anxiety and maybe even anger and despair." That is Red Mind. 

I have missed only a few sunrise walks in the last two months. I have lived close to water my whole life from Lake Michigan to the ocean. I know Blue Mind

I realized in January that I was fast slipping into what I know understand as Red Mind. Red Mind releases more of the stress hormone cortisol in to our bodies. The author says we can easily fall in to Gray Mind..."numbed out, indifferent, listless and depressive state.” 

Being near the water helps our mind switch modes, and, like meditation, our breathing slows down and so does our heart rate. I have consciously slowed down and moved away from the edge I felt myself on. Being out in nature hours a day has brought back that sense of awe that is so inspiring and soothing. 

Grateful is a word that I use often and now wish I could find another word more powerful to let you know that I do not take anything for granted in my life and that I wish I could share the time and space that I have been in for the last two months with all of you. 

I will be back on the mat Wednesday. Can’t wait to see everyone. I will do my best to bring sunshine and Blue Mind to all of you. 

“If you can accept your body, then you have a chance to see your body as your home.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

My practice has allowed me to be HOME wherever I am. 



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