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Summer Solstice Celebration - June 20th

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Dear Friends,

Hard to write this but I believe sharing is caring. 

So, I am sharing that last week that I was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

I know so many of you have had cancer diagnosis, so you know the myriad feelings that go with the shock. 

Luckily my oncologist that I see at Dana Farber for my leukemia has set me up for a surgical consult at the Brigham. 

I am drawing strength from all your stories of your conquest of cancer in your lives. 

I feel supported by all of you, even those of you who are not regulars at my classes. We are a community and the community is a microcosm of all of humanity.

The Zulu culture calls it Ubuntu...humanity. 

The Zulus believe there is 'No you without me'.  

A perfect snap shot of the current anti-racist movement in our country. 

We are all one even when we practice social distancing.  


Next weekend is the Summer Solstice

It’s always been a very important day for me, so, once again, although in a new format, we will have a Labyrinth on my beach at 30 Warren Avenue, Plymouth

We will not have our circle and we will limit the labyrinth to four people at a time. 

So grateful to the yogis Deb Herlihy and Ken Keohone. They will be drawing the Labyrinth at the early low tide Saturday morning, June 20th 

and will be there for everyone from 4 pm until Sunset

All weather permitting. 

So, come with a friend or three and stay in your car until the people ahead of you come up. 

I’m hoping Ginny will have a fire where you can burn what you don’t need anymore or ignite a new attitude for the days to come. 

There will be myself (maybe) or Eileen to take your donations to the Food Bank.  

Remember the Solstice is a time of fullness of growth, a time of gratitude and for many of us, a release from sadness, fears and pain. 

The sun almost stands still on the Solstice, the longest day of the year, the earliest sun rise happens.

The summer season is considered very yin (feminine) and very influential on relationships.

June brides an age old tradition, so I recommend connecting to your SOLAR power...that chakra midway between the lowest and the most divine in us. 

May we all open, breathe deeply through that chakra with a sense of joy that allows us to touch our highest potential mentally, emotionally and physically.

Words from the Ages so apt for me and hopefully for all of you:

"when you rise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be breathe, to think, to feel, to love".

- Marcus Aurelius

The world does not owe us anything. We have to accept and meet life halfway.

Please keep me in the light and know that I hold all of you in mine.

Love and peace,



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