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Dear Friends,

Yoga is an ancient practice.

Yogis from the past would probably scratch their heads if they walked in to a yoga class today in most studios.

They would be mystified by down dogs and plank poses. The ancient oral history never included any poses. 

The practice was never a physical practice. The practice was what we now refer to as meditation

The history was an oral history until the Yoga sutras were purportedly written by Patangali. 

He wrote that the purpose of the practice was to quiet the fluctuations of  the mind, and through right thoughts and right actions we can find in a posture of stillness and sweetness no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

Body relaxed and mind quiet, awake and aware... which is the very essence of beingin the moment

If you are doing just yoga you are doing meditation. Simple as that. 

Yoga is an ethical practice. It requires us to connect with love and compassion to our “true selves”.

Think of yoga as a tree and see prana as the trunk of the tree. Prana is the energy of life. Breath (prana) control is more beneficial then 100 downward dogs. 

Yoga is thousands of years old. It was not until the 19th century that the asanas we know today started to show up.

They came from British colonization that felt exercise was crucial to mortality (duh) and then the Indian army added more calisthenics like standing postures. The elite young Indian men became the modern day creators of a bigger interpretation of asana.  

The two most well-known, BKS Iynger and K Pattihi Jois, “designed” 121 asanas. 

The word 'asanas' originally translated as 'seat' but we have widened that definition to seat meaning 'present'.

Whenever we are present or seated, as in grounded, that is our one and only asana. 

Right now, finding our seat is challenging. Most of us now are doing weird and strange stuff, but now would be the perfect time to just take your seat. Spend time with your mind.  

"S T O P  

Stop what you’re doing.

Take a few deep breaths.

Observe your mind and body and smile.

Proceed with compassion and kindness.”

~ Deepak Chopra

I am still a prisoner in Paradise. I am safe and in place. And yes, I wear my mask when required.

I’m grateful to have the gifts of the sea every day.

I am open and accepting of the flow of feelings that range from rage to grief and then I STOP.

And take time to re-visit my inventory of things I’m grateful for, and all of you are on that list.



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