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Present moment, wonderful moment

Phoenix Rising


Dear Friends,

We are in a moment of history in which each of us must find our better selves. We need to be the change that we know humanity needs to change to.

 “I can’t breathe”, like George Floyd.

We yogis are ALL breathing activists.

Prana belongs to everyone, no matter your skin color, sexual orientation or religion.

Now is the time for yogis to walk the walk and not just talk. 

Personally, I want to learn to be an active anti-racist. 

I hope each of you will dig deep now and find a way to save ourselves and our country by really thinking of how much our right to vote is our VOICE.

The future of humanity is up to ALL of us.

There is no return to normal. We have to move forward as citizens of this country and the world.  

The Virus is real and Racism is real. 

Hopefully, we will all be able to practice together and continue to do what we do best...

Believe in loving kindness, compassion, patience and forgiveness for ourselves

and others.

I welcome hearing from all of you.

Please find a way to text or call me to let me know you are safe and well. 

I want your thoughts of how you see us moving forward to practice together. 

A few squirrels decided to have a yoga retreat in the studio for the last 3 weeks. I think they have all been relocated. Clean up of the studio is happening. 

Let’s put our heads and hearts together to begin again.

I am sad, I am afraid, I am angry. 

Please acknowledge your own feelings.

Our inner lights are flickering.

We need to fan the flames of hope for peace for ourselves and ALL beings everywhere.


Hang In There, You Are Doing Great

(from Barbara's travel journal)

Squirrel Yoga Sun Salutation

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