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Practicing Metta

Dear All,

I’m the first to admit that I’m struggling to maintain my balance!  When I find that all I am eating is chocolate chip cookies and potato chips,

I know I’m in trouble. 

Coping with this unbelievable pandemic is something none of us could least I never imagined it. It’s like walking on the moon or being in a world war. 

This is where the pedal meets the metal as far as our yogic practice goes.

I miss all of you and I know the other teachers feel the same way. 

This is when we should be together breathing in peace and breathing out peace, but this is the time that, as we widen our distances between one another, we are, strangely enough, expressing our solidarity in an altruistic way. 

Social distancing is only physical. We can still connect with our hearts and with our words. 

Like all of you, I am trying my best to walk the walk. To continue to talk the talk, too, in practicing metta

Our loving kindness practice is something we can send to all who are waiting for testing, who are in the hospital as a patient, or a doctor or a nurse.

May all of you find something to be grateful for right now.

May all of you be as strong as you can be  and physically.

May your hearts be filled with loving kindness, compassion and patience and forgiveness for yourself and others.

May you all have the courage to stay the course and do what ever you are called to do for the greater good.

May you all cherish moments of the peace and beauty of the natural world.

In the darkest of  moments let your light shine for all beings everywhere.

Sending love, courage and strength to all of you.


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