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Millionth Circle | Sunday, Oct 20th

"The Circles of Women"


Dear Friends,

Happy to be home and on the mend from a very difficult travel experience. Truly there is NO place like home when you don’t feel well.

On a more positive note, I’m excited about our planned Millionth Circle on Sunday, October 20th, from 1 to 2:30 pm at the studio. 

Over 20 of you filled out a questionnaire that you would like to participate. Some of the suggestions of things we might want to experience as a group were: thoughts around spirituality, aging, and caregiving.  

So, you ask, what will this experience be like? 

Well, it will probably be different for each one of us. 

Here are some thoughts to consider and, perhaps, some answers to questions. 

The idea of a Circle itself is an ancient archetype and women throughout the ages have tended toward meeting in circles.

Circles are collaborative, and yet also personal at the same time. 

Circles create a sense of oneness that allows us to share and come together without a hierarchy.

Some of you have probably known, and maybe have been a part of, a "consciousness raising circle" in the past. 

It is not about therapy or actual problem solving. 

It is open and free-wheeling where you can choose to listen and/or speak.

The author of "How to Change Ourselves and the World", Jean Shinoda Boleyn MD, wrote the essential guide to women’s circles. The idea of the Millionth Circle is based on the story of the 100th Monkey and also inspired by the work of Rubert Sheldrake and his Morphic Field Theory, which concludes that behavior in one species occurs when a critical mass..the exact number reached. 

It’s called the Tipping Point

Right now the world, this country, and most of us need an infusion of knowledge and basic wisdom. Women can be the bearers of that wisdom. We meet in a circle where we engage and create equality.

The culture can change when we listen and learn from one another. 

Hope you will join me and Janet Deleo Wade and any friends you wish to bring. This may be a one-time circle or the beginning of a continuing circle. Hope you will be curious enough to join us.

Please check the website, for all the new classes and workshops.

We welcome your creative criticism and feedback.


Barbara P. Ward

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