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June 22nd Summer Solstice was a Blast!

Dear Friends,

What a great, great Summer Solstice Celebration

Many thanks to everyone who came and to Ginny, Deb and Ken who made great things happen. 

And many thanks to all of you who made food donations both to the Food Pantry and to our delightful breakfast which featured the culinary expertise of Cynthia. 

When over 30 people show up to for a circle of peace, it renews a sense of hope that we can find a way as a community to move to higher ground.

Solstice Ritual
Passing the Peace Stick

I know I wasn’t the only one who teared up. The energy was palpable.

I also want to acknowledge the three men who stood hand in hand with the rest of us. 

You are all probably very tired of hearing me say how grateful I am...but how can I not be...

I have had over 80 years of a “life”, some wins, some losses, some laughter and some tears, as Zorba the Greek would say, “the whole catastrophe”.

You should be grateful too. 

Please enjoy the summer. Take your yoga wherever you go and mix it with whatever you do. No mat required and you are of course The Teacher

Honoring the light inside all of you the sunlight outside.

Namaste Barbara

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