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Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Friends,  They say "love makes the world go around" and "what the world needs now is love sweet love".  It all rings true. True love begins with self love and for the most part self love begins early with our earliest caretakers teaching us. Not all of us got the right lessons. Some of us grew up thinking that self love was selfish and self-centered when, in truth, it is self- caring and selfless. Self acceptance is a missing ingredient in many of our lives. Our yoga practice is predicated on self love and acceptance. Without offering that to ourselves we are inhibited in being able to offer it to others. It creates vicious cycles of bad relationships. We feel neglected. We feel we never get what we want. Guess what? You must be the giver and the receiver Sounds silly but think of the big day February 14th. Send yourself a Valentine and, if you feel the need, buy yourself flowers and candy and if jewelry is your thing get some bling. But please take time to look at yourself in the mirror and look deeply into you own eyes and tell yourself how much you are loved. Because you are. We all are. There is an equal amount of love and light in each of us.  Shine bright and love wholeheartedly.  Barbara

  1. (P.S. ***on President's Day, Monday-February 17th, No Pilates Class 8 am There will be Just Yoga Class at 5:30 pm***)

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