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One Circle Closer To The “Tipping” Point


Dear Reader,

I wish ALL of you could have joined 18 of us who made what we hope brings us one circle closer to the “tipping” point.  

Many, many thanks to those of you who took the time to help create a space, a brave space, where each of us could be who we truly are.

This poem by Kirtana might explain the process.

"Could there be more to this life we call “mine” Than a journey through space or a storyline? More to life than the body can sense Or the mind can conclude from experience? Does who we are begin with breath Depend on form or end with death? Strip away these roles, these names and tell me what remains and who you really are, who you really are..."

And, there is more, but, this is the last stanza...

"In a fortunate life, comes a call to be free  From the cycle of bondage and misidentity To wake from the dream and finally realize The truth of ones being before the body dies. So before the final scene is past See the screen on which it’s cast. See what’s seeing this me and you And then you will see who..... Who you really are, who you really are Who you really are....who WE really are."

Through ritual and words shared we came together in a circle as women have done for eons. A circle with spokes in a wheel drawing us close to the center, the hearth and home for all.  

We ended in consensus. We plan to meet quarterly amd continue to explore our differences and are similarities and hopefully through active listening and shared talking we WILL be the tipping point that will shift not just our consciousness, but the consciousness of our country and the planet to a place of loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness and peace. 

We women must be the Light Bearers. Your yoga practice brightens your light and even if you don’t join in the next circle, please continue to build and shine your light everywhere you can..

Mother Nature has given us Fall to remind ourselves to be more like the trees who graciously let go of their beautiful leaves. What can you let go of graciously now?

Pleasant reminders:

We have so many more classes, so you must consult our website,

We have Chair Yoga, we have Pilates. We have new teachers.

We offer so much and want to share.

We have changed our pricing. Anyone over 80 still pays $100. The new price for you youngsters - $130 for 10 classes!

All class cards expire in 3 months. (If you have health issues or for any reason can’t come to class I need to know as there are no refunds.) 

I am so grateful for all of you for creating and supporting the YogaConnection.

Grateful for Carol, Eileen, Ginny, Diana, Peggy, Gail, Kelley and Kelly Colleen and Paul Shea.

Shout out to Paul W., the Pilates teacher. He is awesome. Monday’s at 8 am.

Namaste ,


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