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General Information 

Our classes are small and supportive.  New students are welcome anytime. We encourage you to eat lightly and wear loose fitting clothing.  If you have any physical restriction or a recent illness, please inform the teacher before class begins.  The teacher should be informed without delay, should you become pregnant.  Please bring a Yoga mat or beach towel.  All other Yoga props are provided.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time.   Visit our Schedule for all class times and updated info.  Visit Class Descriptions for more info about the kinds of yoga we offer.  More questions about yoga?  Visit our Yoga FAQs page.

New England weather is iffy during the winter.  Generally speaking, if Plymouth schools are cancelled for snow, so are we.   Weekends, please call 508.746.4446 if you are in any doubt. During bad weather, we encourage you to park safely on the street and enter our front door, rather than the back. 

The YogaConnection is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and usually part of the days before. No classes on Monday holidays unless Barbara notifies by email or leaves a message on the answering machine.



We offer 10 sessions for $135, or $15 per drop-in class.   Class cards for 10 sessions purchased at the Studio for cash or check are discounted to $130.  Special discount for those over 80 - $100 for a 10 class card, in studio or online.

Please make checks payable to The YogaConnection.  All class cards are good for three (3) months only.  We keep a card at the studio, where each of the classes you take will be recorded.

Pay for a class card securely through PayPal!  Print out your receipt, and your card will be waiting for you at the Studio.

Student Rate
Are you a student?  Special student (those in school) rate of $8 per class.


Gift Certificates
Always available - the perfect gift for anyone!
Call Barbara at 508.746.4446 to purchase.

We Offer...

Mixed Level Just Yoga

"Just Yoga" is just that . . . not disco yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, yoga for redheads . . . just Yoga.  Our classes are designed for beginners or continuing students. Variations of poses are offered and, as practice deepens, students choose their own level of comfort at which to work. Classes focus on breath awareness, relaxation, and self-acceptance. Just Yoga emphasizes safety through proper body alignment, recognizing that everyone's body is different.

All our teachers are professionally trained by accredited yoga schools. Most of our teachers have over 8 years of teaching experience. The emphasis in all our classes is safety. With that sense of safety, each student feels more empowered to be at one with their experience. We discourage competition with other students, the teacher or with one's self. We think of it as Just Yoga, as in just life. Going with the flow and being willing to be open to all sensations and responses without judgment or expectation. The challenge in Yoga is to remain present and make positive choices about what is right for us, not just what we are told to do. In the Just Yoga tradition of yoga we breathe, relax, feel, notice and we accept where we are and who we are in the present moment. 


The wonderful thing about Yoga is that we can tailor each class to meet our own needs.


The YogaConnection's Just Yoga classes are gentle and nurturing. The Yoga Flow classes require turning up one's intensity without sacrificing safety. In any class, at the YogaConnection or anywhere else, it is important to take personal responsibility for the level that you wish to work at. A gentle class can be very intense emotionally; a workout class can reveal the deeper philosophy of yoga.


At the YogaConnection you have an opportunity to experience many different styles of teaching....a buffet of yoga!


Chair Yoga

A class for those of you who hate getting down on the floor, or are recovering from joint replacement or have other issues like Parkinsons or Cardio concerns. It’s a yoga class for every body and every age. All of us have our days when we pull a muscle or are getting over a cold and just need the respite that Chair Yoga can give. And, please remember, it is still yoga and you can just use the chair as a prop to help you  down and up from your mat. 


Private Group Classes
Do you have four friends that would like to take class as a group?  Form your own group and a time with any one of our teachers.  Class can be held in the studio for a maximum of 8 students.  Minimum of five students - please call 508.746.4446 for pricing.  Must be purchased in a 4 class series.

Individual Yoga Therapy
Work on developing an individualized Yoga program to address stress or particular areas of injury such as low back pain, symptoms of menopause, and other special needs. 
By appointment only.  Call 508.746.4446 for more information.  Fee $65.00.


Pilates is a holistic system of exercises for improving muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, to achieve muscular balance, all, with attention to conscious breath and mindfulness of the movements.  In essence, it is a system designed to treat the "Whole Body," Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Mindfulness /Meditation Weekly Gathering
Come explore different techniques for inner awareness.  No experience necessary. Take this opportunity to learn to sit with your mind and accept yourself completely.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  There is no good Meditation or bad.  It’s just about stopping.  Relaxing. Feeling. Thinking.  Breathing and then....acceptance.  Your heart will expand to offer loving kindness and compassion to yourself and others.  You are free to sit, lie down, stand , leave when you need to.  We are all starting over again every Sunday so there no experts, just beginners!  Drop-in fine, no experience necessary.
Sundays from 7:45am to 8:30am,
By donation.


Reiki I and II 
REIKI (Ray Key), an ancient holistic healing technique, is a simple, powerful, gentle practice that promotes the body’s natural self-healing abilities.  Healing energy is transmitted to the recipient through the practitioner's hands.  Reiki  certifications are offered regularly at the YogaConnection.  Reiki I students will learn techniques for self-healing and helping others from Larraine Gayton, Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Students learn the History, Principles, How Reiki Heals, Chakra System, and more, plus practice and a guided meditation before attunement.  Manual, Certificate; Nursing CEUs available.  Reiki II builds on these skills as well as introducing distance healing.  Please contact Larraine for next class day and time at 


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